Put Your Family First

Take advantage of family support services in West Central Missouri

Sometimes, your family needs extra support. That’s when it’s time to call in a trained professional. Mefford & Associates offers extensive family therapy services to Warrensburg & Sedalia, MO Residents. Your family will get compassionate support and assistance, allowing you to improve your familial relationships. All of our services are completed by trained mediators and licensed mental health professionals.

Do you have questions about our family support services? Talk to one of our team members now by calling 660-826-2380.

Our Domestic Services Go Beyond Regular Therapy

We not only offer family therapy sessions for family members. We also mediate conflicts, perform parenting coordination and offer supervised parenting time.

Conflict mediation allows family members to discuss and resolve conflicts with the assistance of a trained third-party professional. Parenting coordination is when one of our therapist mediates to help parties implement their parenting plans. Both of these services are often court ordered.

Finally, we often provide therapeutic supervised parenting time. Courts often request this in high-conflict domestic relations and custody cases. This allows for safe and constructive visitations with the non-custodial parent. Consult one of our Providers in Sedalia, MO today to learn more about therapeutic supervised parenting time.