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Look into professional therapy services in West Central Missouri

Taking the first step by going to therapy can be scary, but the rewards are worth it. Mefford & Associates is a judgement-free, supportive environment. We offer therapy services for depression, anxiety and general stress to Sedalia & Warrensburg, MO Residents, and surrounding areas. You can talk to our therapists about job-related stress, emotional issues or your relationships with friends, family and coworkers.

Maybe your child is exhibiting behavioral issues. There may be a deeper meaning to their actions. You may have just gotten divorced and want to help your kids understand the situation. Our providers have experience with patients of all ages. Your children can benefit greatly from our therapy services. Call 660-826-2380 now to learn more about our practice.

Begin The Trauma Therapy Process Today

Dealing with trauma is draining. The healing process is easier with the proper trauma therapy. Our team does everything possible to support our patients during difficult times. You can come to us for treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or depression and anxiety caused by trauma.

We’ve worked with many victims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse and know how difficult the aftermath of these situations can be. You’ll always feel safe and supported in our office. Speak with a trauma therapy expert in Sedalia, MO today to get started.